'Chuck' composer scores 'Human Target' gig

Posted on Sunday, July 25, 2010

From the Hollywood Reporter


Tim Jones will take over scoring duties for second season

By James Hibberd and Lesley Goldberg

July 25, 2010, 01:12 PM ET

"Human Target" is about to get a new sound.

"Chuck" composer Tim Jones is going to take over scoring duties on the Fox action drama for the show's second season.

Jones is taking over for Bear McCreary, who is shifting to AMC's zombie drama "The Walking Dead." (Jones will continue to work on the NBC show too).

This is just one of a few changes coming to the Warner Bros.-produced show. There's a new showrunner (Matthew Miller from "Chuck") and a new female main character played by Indira Varma.

Miller told Comic-Con that there's another cast addition yet to come, that Christopher Chance's team will soon include its first female member.

"We're adding an as-yet-uncast 22-year-old woman who's a despicable thief," said Miller, who added that she'll figure into Chance (Mark Valley) and Guerrero's (Jackie Earle Haley) back stories.

Touching on having a new female boss joining the show in Varma, Chi McBride (Winston) said it would "set up a lot of great tension and great comedy."

Miller also talked about the show's move to Friday nights, a night that's been very difficult for recent Fox genre shows.

"It's not always the best time slot, but 'The X-Files' did well on Friday nights," he said.