Q. Will there ever be a Chuck soundtrack?

A. Yes! I am working with Warner Bros. and Varese Sarabande Records to release an album of original music from Chuck in 2014. Keep an eye on this site, Twitter, and Facebook for updates.

Q. Where can I download [insert song title] from Chuck/Cult/Human Target/other project?

A. All of my music cues currently available to download are located on my Soundcloud page

Q. Could you send me [insert song title] from Chuck/Cult/Human Target/other project that isn't on your Soundcloud page?

A. Due to the volume of requests, copyright restrictions, and other factors, I am unable to provide songs individually. I will continue to update Soundcloud with new songs as I am able, and be on the lookout for a Chuck soundtrack in 2014.

Q. What is the name of the song at the end of episode 1 of Cult? Where can I get it?

A. The song is called "The Watchers" and was written especially for that scene. It has been licensed for use in an upcoming feature film, so it is not currently available for download. I hope it will be once that film is released.

Q. Would you be interested in collaborating on a project?

A. Possibly! Drop me a note here and tell me about your project.

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